Human Development (2016)
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Human Development Index and its components
Human Development Index (HDI)
Life expectancy at birth
Expected years of schooling
Mean years of schooling
Gross national income (GNI) per capita
Human Development Index Trends
Inequality-adjusted Human Development Index
Inequality-adjusted HDI (IHDI)
Inequality-adjusted HDI_Overall loss
Coefficient of human inequality
Inequality in life expectancy
Inequality-adjusted life expectancy index
Inequality in education
Inequality-adjusted education index
Inequality in income
Inequality-adjusted income index
Income inequality_Quintile ratio
Income inequality_Palma ratio
Income inequality_Gini coefficient
Gender Development Index
Gender Development Index
Human Development Index_Female
Human Development Index_Male
Human Development Index_Female to male
Life expectancy at birth_Female
Life expectancy at birth_Male
Life expectancy at birth_Female to male
Expected years of schooling_Female
Expected years of schooling_Male
Expected years of schooling_Female to male
Mean years of schooling_Female
Mean years of schooling_Male
Mean years of schooling_Female to male
Estimated gross national income per capita_Female
Estimated gross national income per capita_Male
Estimated gross national income per capita_Female to male
Gender Inequality Index
Gender Inequality Index
Maternal mortality ratio
Adolescent birth rate
Share of seats in parliament
Population with at least some secondary education_Female
Population with at least some secondary education_Male
Population with at least some secondary education_Female to male
Labour force participation rate_Female
Labour force participation rate_Male
Labour force participation rate_Female to male
Population trends
Urban population
Ages 65 or older
Ages 15-64
Under age 5
Median age
Dependency ratio_Old age
Dependency ratio_Young age
Total fertility rate_2010-2015
Total fertility rate_2000-2005
Health outcomes
Infants exclusively breastfed
Infants lacking immunization_DTP
Infants lacking immunization_Measles
Child malnutrition
Mortality rates_Infant
Mortality rates_Under-five
Mortality rates_Adults_Female
Mortality rates_Adults_Male
Mortality rates_Adults_Female to male
Deaths due to malaria
Deaths due to tuberculosis
HIV prevalence, adults
Life expectancy at age 60
Public health expenditure
Education achievements
Literacy rate_Adult
Literacy rate_Youth_Female
Literacy rate_Youth_Male
Literacy rate_Youth_Female to male
Population with at least some secondary education
Gross enrolment ratio_Pre-primary
Gross enrolment ratio_Primary
Gross enrolment ratio_Secondary
Gross enrolment ratio_Tertiary
Primary school dropout rate
Primary school teachers trained to teach
Pupil-teacher ratio, primary school
Government expenditure on education
National income and composition of resources
Gross domestic product (GDP)_Total
Gross domestic product (GDP)_Per capita
Gross fixed capital formation
General government final consumption expenditure_Total
General government final consumption expenditure_Trend_2010-2015
Total tax revenue
Taxes on income, profits and capital gains
Total debt service
Consumer price index_2010-2015
Domestic food price level_Index
Domestic food price level_Volatility index
Work and employment
Employment to population ratio
Labour force participation rate
Employment in agriculture
Employment in services
Youth not in school or employment
Vulnerable employment
Child labour
Working poor at PPP$3.10 a day
Mandatory paid maternity leave
Old-age pension recipients
Human security
Birth registration
Refugees by country of origin
Internally displaced persons
Homeless people due to natural disaster
Orphaned children
Prison population
Homicide rate
Suicide rate_Female
Suicide rate_Male
Suicide rate_Female to male
Justification of wife beating_Female
Justification of wife beating_Male
Justification of wife beating_Female to male
Violence against women ever experienced_Intimate partner
Violence against women ever experienced_Nonintimate partner
Depth of food deficit
International integration
Exports and imports
Remittances, inflows
Stock of immigrants
International inbound tourists
Internet users
Mobile phone subscriptions
Mobile phone subscriptions_Trend_2010-2015
Perceptions of well-being
Education quality
Health care quality
Standard of living
Ideal job
Feeling safe
Freedom of choice_Female
Freedom of choice_Male
Freedom of choice_Female to male
Overall life satisfaction, index
Local labour market
Volunteered time
Confidence in judicial system
Actions to preserve the environment
Trust in national government
Life-course gender gap
Sex ratio at birth_Girls to boys
Adolescent birth rate
Gross enrolment ratio, female_Pre-primary
Gross enrolment ratio, female_Primary
Gross enrolment ratio, female_Secondary
Youth unemployment rate_Female to male
Maternal mortality ratio
Population with at least some secondary education_Female to male
Total unempoyment rate_Female to male
Share of paid employment in non-agriculture, female
Female legislators, senior officials and managers
Share of seats in parliament
Life expectancy at age 50, female
Old-age pension recipients_Female to male
Sustainable development
Renewable energy consumption
Carbon dioxide emissions_Per capita
Carbon dioxide emissions_Trend_1990-2013
Forest area_Part of total land area
Forest area_Evolution_1990-2015
Fresh water withdrawals
Natural resource depletion
External debt stock
Research and development expenditure
Concentration index (exports)
Income quintile ratio_Trend_2000-2014
Gender Inequality Index_Trend_2005-2015
Population in multidimensional poverty_Trend_2005-2014
Old-age dependency ratio_2030
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